• MLB Betting Affiliates
    You might think that you only have seven months to make money as a MLB betting affiliate as the season begins in April and concludes in October. That is not really true though because the players you send to the sportsbook are likely to bet on more than just baseball. Football season ...
  • March Madness Betting Affiliates
    You might not be aware that March Madness betting odds are some of the most popular sports betting odds, which means the month of March is a great time to become an affiliate.
  • European League Affiliates
    The most popular sport in the world is soccer and European Leagues continue to get a lot of action from bettors. UEFA Europa League action runs almost all year long with qualifying matches starting in late June or early July with the final being played the following May.
  • Champions League Betting Affiliates
    The Champions League is considered by most people to be the most important soccer competition in the world except for the World Cup. Unlike the World Cup which takes place every four years, Champions League betting takes place every year and goes on for months and that is great news for affiliates. Become ...
  • Premier League Betting Affiliates
    The top soccer league that players like to bet on is the Premier League. If you are looking to make money as an affiliate then you need to join as an affiliate of right now. You need to have a sportsbook that gives bettors a wide variety of options for betting the ...
  • SuperBowl Betting Affiliates
    The biggest game of the year is the Super Bowl and you definitely need to be an affiliate to take advantage of all the new players who will bet on the game. Now is the perfect time to join as an affiliate of The NFL is as popular as it has ever been and ...
  • NFL Betting Affiliates
    NFL betting is the engine that drives many sportsbook affiliate programs today. The most popular sport in the United States is football and the NFL is the undisputed King. If you want to make money as an affiliate then you must have excellent NFL betting information.
  • U.S. Tracks Covered
    You need to become an affiliate at so that your players will get a huge choice of U.S. tracks to wager at. The ability to wager at tracks from all over the United States is a huge plus for horse players and you make money when your players bet the races.
  • Kentucky Derby Betting Affiliates
    The most popular horse race every year is the Kentucky Derby and in addition to being popular with the public, it is also popular with affiliates. Along with the Breeders’ Cup, the Kentucky Derby is the best time of the year to attract new players to a racebook. You need to be ready ...
  • Breeders Cup Betting Affiliates
    The best two days of horse racing occur each November with the Breeders Cup. These two days are great for affiliates because horse bettors will be wagering a ton of money. You need to be ready for this year’s Breeders Cup and that means you must Sign up today as an affiliate of ...
  • Horse Betting Affiliates
    Horse betting has been called the most exciting two minutes in sports. And that is not even the best part for you as an affiliate. With horse racing betting you can repeat those two minutes over and over again throughout the day at horse tracks around the world and make money all day ...
  • U.S. Online Casino Affiliates
    You might not think that there are still online casino sites that are accepting U.S. players but you would be wrong. There are still online casinos where U.S. players can play and win money.
  • Online Casino Affiliates
    A great way to earn money as an affiliate is to send players to online casinos. Many gamblers love to play blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and other online casino games. Join as an affiliate of and send your players to a great online casino.
  • 3D Slots Affiliates
    3D slots are not like normal slot machines as they feature three dimensions which make the action come alive. The 3D graphics are exciting and the different audio, themes and visual affects make playing the slots something special
  • Texas Holdem
    One of the best ways to make money as an online affiliate is through poker. The most popular poker game in the world is Texas Holdem so you definitely need a poker site that features a lot of Texas Holdem action.
  • U.S. Poker Site
    Now is the time to become an affiliate at The online poker world has been shocked recently but as the dust settles there will be even more new players learning the game of poker.
  • Poker Tournaments
    Everyone wants to win a poker tournament because television networks have made them very popular. ESPN, The Travel Channel and GSN have made poker tournaments a great way for many new poker players to learn the game. The World Poker Tour gets great ratings on TV as does the World Series of Poker and High ...
  • Freerolls
    One of the great ways to get new players to convert to real money players is by getting them to play in a freeroll poker tournament. As an affiliate you want your players to play freerolls because they will get introduced to the poker site and they will want to win money.

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