European League Affiliates

The most popular sport in the world is soccer and European Leagues continue to get a lot of action from bettors. UEFA Europa League action runs almost all year long with qualifying matches starting in late June or early July with the final being played the following May. There are a lot of teams that begin play for the UEFA Europa League title so that means a lot of great action on the field and great odds available at the sportsbook. You need to become a European League Affiliate today by joining Commission Kings.

UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa League has three qualifying rounds, a play-off round, a group stage and five knockout rounds. The teams play two matches against each other in the qualifying rounds, home and away and the winner on aggregate goals goes forward. When it gets to the group stage there are 38 winning teams and another ten teams from the UEFA Champions League playoffs that lost. In the group stage there are 12 groups of four teams, playing home and away against the other teams in their pool. Two teams from each group advance along with eight third-place teams. The knockout round starts with the final 32 teams with teams playing a home-away series with the winner advancing on aggregate while the loser goes home. The final is a single match, normally played at a neutral site. There is a lot of action in the UEFA Europa League and a lot of chances for your players to wager on the matches. Make sure to Sign up today as an affiliate of Commission Kings so you can make money when your players wager on the UEFA Europa League.

Affiliate Advantages

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The time is now to get prepared for European League soccer action. You can’t afford to wait another minute. Register today as an affiliate of Commission Kings and enjoy the benefits of becoming a European League affiliate.

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