Online Casino Affiliates

A great way to earn money as an affiliate is to send players to online casinos. Many gamblers love to play blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and other online casino games. Join as an affiliate of Commission Kings and send your players to a great online casino.

10% Weekly Rebate

One of the big advantages to sending your players to the online casino associated with Commission Kings is that they will get a 10% weekly rebate on their losses. Anytime you can get your players extra money it is good news for you as an affiliate. There are over 150 virtual casino games available at the online casino with special bonuses, progressive slots, contests, promotions and more. Sign up today to become an affiliate of Commission Kings.

Real Money Action

It seems so long ago but the first online casino was introduced in 1995. Not many people thought online casinos would be popular but they were wrong. Many people thought that playing and gambling for real money on the Internet with a website wouldn’t work but it has surpassed all expectations. The online casino cannot be matched for the variety and value that it offers, especially in comparison to a brick and mortar casino with its limits and fewer games. Players can start at an online casino playing at the free money tables and then continue on to real money tables at varying limits. Online casinos are great for many gamblers who want to test new systems because the limits are low. Become an affiliate at Commission Kings right now.

Online Casino Variety

The choices available at the online casino are plentiful from exciting table games to a wide variety of online slots. Many gamblers love to play blackjack as it is the most popular table game but it is not the only game that people play. Roulette, baccarat, craps, pai-gow poker, video poker, slots and keno also get action from gamblers. As an affiliate you want the most choices available for your players and that is what you will get when you become an affiliate at Commission Kings. In addition to a wide variety of casino games, your players will also be able to get great bonuses and take advantage of contests and promotions. Now is the time to join as an affiliate at Commission Kings so that you can get the best online casino action, variety and bonuses.

Register today as an affiliate of Commission Kings and become an online casino affiliate.

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