MLB Betting Affiliates

You might think that you only have seven months to make money as a MLB betting affiliate as the season begins in April and concludes in October. That is not really true though because the players you send to the sportsbook are likely to bet on more than just baseball. Football season begins before the baseball season is even over and almost all baseball bettors also wager on football. To get started as an affiliate you need to sign up today at Commission Kings.

Games Every Day

With MLB betting there are games every day of the season except for the Monday before the All-Star game and the Wednesday after the game. That means on most days there will be 15 baseball games for gamblers to wager on. That means 30 betting possibilities on just sides and totals and that doesn’t even include run lines and parlays. That means that at the end of the baseball season there will be almost 5000 side and total choices for your players to wager on. The more choices that your players have the more money will likely make as an affiliate. Become an affiliate at Commission Kings right now.

Don’t Ignore Baseball

There are some affiliates that ignore MLB betting but that is the mistake they are making. Don’t let it be yours. There has never been a better time to become an affiliate at Commission Kings. Sign up today as an affiliate of Commission Kings and take advantage of the long MLB betting season. Your players will be able to wager on baseball at a great sportsbook and continue wagering all year long on other sports. Keep in mind that with MLB betting you will be getting players who love to bet all year long. Rarely will you ever find a gambler who only wagers on baseball. This means that you can take that player who bet on baseball and made you money and continue to make money with that player when he wagers on other sports. That is why you should not ignore baseball.

Affiliate Advantages

Join as an affiliate of Commission Kings right now and get all of the perks and advantages available to you. Your players will be able to wager at the best sportsbook in the world and have access to the most betting options available anywhere. Now is the time to get signed up. Register today as an affiliate of Commission Kings and start making money as an MLB betting affiliate.

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